About Urbanation

Urbanation was founded by in 1981, when high-rise condominiums in Toronto were considered a niche product and represented a small component of the housing market. Nearly 40 years later, condominiums have now grown to represent over half of all new home development, one third of all resale activity and one quarter of total rental apartment supply in the Greater Toronto Area.

By watching the industry evolve to its prominence through several market cycles, Urbanation has developed a deep and unparalleled understanding of the 'big picture' issues and detailed trends in the marketplace. In 2011, Urbanation expanded its coverage of the apartment market to include condominium and purpose-built rentals, and most recently in 2014 began researching commercial property sales through the acquisition of The Marsh Report. Urbanation also extended its coverage of the GTA in 2018 to include Hamilton-Grimbsy.

Today's real estate market is highly competitive - being armed with accurate data and top-of-the-line analytics are critical elements of a successful strategy. Urbanation is proud to have the most active developers, lenders, investors, brokers, and professional service suppliers as our clients.

Urbanation is the authoritative source for information on the GTA's real estate market. We Are Real Estate Insights.

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  • Eve Lewis
    CEO and Founder

    Eve Lewis

    Eve has been active in the Toronto real estate and development industry for three decades, founding Urbanation in 1981 and continuing to play an advisory role in the company. Eve’s expert insights, passion for her craft, tireless dedication, and in-depth industry knowledge are complimented by her involvement in local organizations and by her unwavering commitment to her family, friends, and community at large. Eve has a Master’s Degree from the University of Toronto and has focused her career on market research and analysis, product design, project marketing and strategic sales management.

  • Shaun Hildebrand

    Shaun Hildebrand

    Shaun leads the team at Urbanation, setting the research agenda and guiding the analytics that form the company’s market insights. He has acted as a key spokesperson for the industry for several years, providing regular commentary to the media, delivering presentations at numerous events and preparing research and forecast reports to a wide variety of stakeholders. Shaun has a Master’s Degree in Economics from Carleton University, and prior to joining Urbanation he managed the GTA housing market analysis team for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

  • Pauline Lierman
    Director of Market Research

    Pauline Lierman

    Pauline manages the research and data collection processes at Urbanation, and is a primary contributor to the production of our quarterly reports and consulting assignments. Pauline is a ‘hands-on’ analyst that works closely with our industry partners, logging a lot of time on-site and maintaining an intimate knowledge of new developments across the region. Pauline has over a decade of experience in residential development analysis, including positions at N. Barry Lyon Consultants Ltd. and RealNet Canada Inc. She holds a Degree in Urban Geography from McMaster University and has pursued graduate level studies at York University.


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