Property Sales

Urbanation's Property Sales database provides in-depth reporting on all categories of land and building transactions across the GTA. Each sale report presents comprehensive research on purchasers and vendors, property and building specifications, sale structure, mortgage information, income and expenses, property assemblies, zoning and development plans, as well as market and location context. Reporting begins a few days after sale registration occurs, with new data and research added daily.

The interactive online database allows subscribers to research historical property sales over the past 30 years by such filters as sale date, location, property type, sale price, property size, vendor, purchaser, and mortgage details. Property sales are displayed using Google Maps, and market totals and market averages can be generated by region and property type. A full text search feature allows thousands of files to be searched for such key words as company names, plans of subdivisions and street names. A spreadsheet download feature allows lists of sales to be instantly converted to tables for further analysis.

Sales are categorized into specific property types that include apartment development sites, residential and commercial land, house lots, rental apartments, retail, office, institutional and industrial buildings, senior's homes, hotels and other unique properties such as gas stations and golf courses. Subscribers receive a quarterly market report summarizing the latest market trends by geography and sector.